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We have just started our journey in 2016 with out debut game “Number Magic” which is out on Android now.

For our next project, we are currently working on a very exciting action puzzle game called Ghosts! which should be in beta soon. Keep an eye out for it! Before they disappear! Because, well, they’re Ghosts!

Who Is Guimak?

Hi, everyone! My name is Matheus Guimaraes. I’ve been in the industry for over 15 years and, most importantly, since I’m a kid, I’ve been very passionate about games. In fact, a “fun fact” about my career is that I actually started it as a games developer until I realised that it didn’t much money and I jumped ship. Yep, traitor. Then the mobile revolution came (yes, I’m old) and games went mainstream fast, reaching all kinds of people and age groups. It still amazes me to see an old lady playing a mobile game on the tube. So that was a big slap on my face. Should’ve stuck to it!

After becoming a Xamarin Consulting Partner and diving more into the mobile app world, I then happened upon the greatest development engine ever: Unity 3D! It wasn’t long till I was more than convinced by it, but actually extremely excited about it. So I put all my eggs on that basket. Boy, was I right! Unity is simply an incredible game engine and makes it so easy to just get up and running in no time and it just keeps on getting better and better.

So, combining the amazingness (??) of Unity and my experience in the field I decided to steer my company in a different direction and turn it into a games studio. Who knows where the path will lead. Wherever that may be though, I am sure having a hell lot of fun! So…


To learn more about Matheus Guimaraes, visit his web site www.matheusguimaraes.com






: 31-01-1979

: Brazil

: matheus@guimak.com

: http://www.matheusguimaraes.com

Matheus Guimaraes


  • Unity

  • Xamarin

  • Game Design

What we say

Xamarin Android : Why the loosely typed key value pair implementation for Intent extra data is bad! And why it should be looser…

An usual way to go about adding extra data to your Intents in Xamarin is by using the convenience methods provided such as : data.PutExtra(“Key1”, “key”); data.PutExtra(“Key2”, 33); And on the receiving end you’d use: var value1 = data.Extras.GetString(“Key1”); var value2 = data.Extras.GetInt(“Key2”); It all sounds very good in theory, however, anti-pattern discussions aside regarding […]

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Making use of lazy initialization in .Net 4

One of the most lesser known, yet very cool, additions since .Net 4.0 is the generic Lazy<T> class. It allows you to defer the initialization of a type until it’s needed. What is it? Lazy<T> is a generic class introduce in .Net 4.5 which acts as factory for the wrapped object constructing it only once .Value is called […]

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No valid iPhone code signing keys found in keychain (again!)

I’ve posted about this error before, however, the solution only solved one of the scenarios which causes this error. The second one, is when you have already switched from Device to emulator and yet you still get this build time error. This is a bug in Xamarin’s current release (July 2015) and from what I […]

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Xamarin build error : No valid iPhone code signing keys found in keychain

if getting the error “No valid iPhone code signing keys found in keychain” when building your Xamarin IOS project, check that you are building against an ios simulator. Visual Studio defaults to Device as a build target when creating a new project so this could be what is causing your error. Change to a simulator instead and […]

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The specified path, file name, or both are too long. The fully qualified file name must be less than 260 characters, and the directory name must be less than 248 characters.

If you run into this it could be because your url is too long for the routing engine to handle by default.  all you gotta do is find your httpruntime configuration element in your web.config and set an attribute called relaxedUrlToFileSystemMapping in it to true, like this:   <system.web> <httpRuntime targetFramework=”4.5″ maxRequestLength=”512000″ relaxedUrlToFileSystemMapping=”true” /> </system.web>   […]

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Disallow all bots traffic with robots.txt

all you need to do is put a robots.txt file at the root of your site with the following content:
User-agent: * Disallow: /

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